Comedy Night With 8 Out Of 10 Cats Comic Ivan Brackenbury!

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05 February 2020

On Friday 20th March, Tom Binns’ legendary character Ivan Brackenbury will be coming to Fontwell Park. The alter-ego of the famous comedian rose to prominence after winning the Edinburgh Comedy Award at the Fringe Festival, and later became known to a wider audience following his popularity on the Channel Four show 8 Out of 10 Cats. This character, who works as a hospital radio DJ has gained high praise from national newspapers such as the Guardian, who note: ‘Binns has his character nailed and he minesthe comic seam ruthlessly to create top-quality entertainment with practically universal appeal.’

Ivan Brackenbury is gloriously childish - ridiculous in the very best way. His sharp-witted hospital DJ plays off numerous clichés with hysterically bad timing and a sardonic irony which will have you howling with laughter within minutes. Despite the obviously spoofish comedy, the character is well crafted, with a subtlety which always make his performance feel like it’s over too soon. 

Ivan Brackenbury will be supported by another of Tom Binns characters, Ian D Montford, and MC Andy Stedman to compile a two-part show, running from 8-10.15 with a half an hour interval. ‘Physic healer’ Ian D Montford brings the trope of the hippie healer to a new level, discarding modern medicine in favour of relying on the body to ‘do its thing.’ Ian D Montoford is perhaps the lesser known character of Tom Binn’s ensemble but this is not to say he’s any less funny. He brings the same twisted comedy seen from Binn’s in BBC’s 1 Hospital people to the more intimate stand up stage – and it translates brilliantly. MC Andy Steadman is another Edinburgh Fringe Fest graduate, whose well-constructed comedy is consistently on point, whether spoken or sung. Of his Edinburgh show, Broadway Baby commented that "Stedman displays real talent in playing to his audience, creating and maintaining a friendly rapport which gives the show much of its charm. His songs are genuinely funny."

Tickets are just £10, or £20 for a package deal which gives you a chicken burger and chips, a drink and a ticket. Please note that this event is for over 18s only.


Fontwell Park

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