Jethro: Facts & Top Gags!

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06 August 2018

JeThRo: Tops Gags & Intriguing Facts!

Jethro, The Count of Cornwall will be kindly gracing us with his presence on 18 October 2018 -- in aid of this, we thought we’d treat you to some of his finest gags and some interesting facts!

His Real Name?
Geoffrey Rowe!

He’s a Breeds Horses! 
When he’s not performing, Rowe shows his horses all over the country. They have won most major prizes, including ‘The Horse of the Year’ show (7 times!). He also runs his own venue, Jethro’s Club, where he performs each year for charity!

He’s Performed for the Queen!
In 2001, Mr Rowe appeared infront of Queen Elizabeth II for the Royal Variety Show!

Top Gags!
"We got a song here by what I consider to be one of the greatest composers in the world today. When I wrote this..."

“I’m not in very good mood. My wife, the cow, I lend her a thousand pounds to have plastic surgery, now I can’t get the money back and I don’t know who to look for!”

“I’d been out drinking ‘til 4:15 in the morning and there’s the wife waiting on the doorstep with a broom. She didn’t seem to like it when I asked her ‘Are you late finishing cleaning or are you going for a flight?’”

“I bought her a car for Christmas. She said ‘that’s no good to me, I want something that will go from 0-160 in 3 seconds’, so I bought her bathroom scales.”

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